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Welcome to the TEAM!  As I speak to more citizens about why I want to be part of City Council I can’t help but think that City Council is a team.  They are a team that supports the business of the city.  They are a team that supports the citizens of the city.  They are a team that directs the decisions that could affect my and your every day lives - and so it is……. Join the TEAM approach - I commit to the group effort - Vote TEAM TAYLOR for Council.“Individual commitment to a group effort--that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work." --Vince Lombardi


  • I want to be part of a City Council that is more open and inviting to the public.
  • I will inform residents through social media about what City Council is doing and be sure Winchester citizens are represented.
  • I want to work with City Mgmt. to ensure that City Officials are accessible to listen to the public’s needs. 


  • I support the promotion and the funding of CTE (Career, Technical Education) initiatives that will lead to workforce development partnerships between schools and business.
  • I will educate the public about city policies & procedure.
  • I will educate the public on the city’s resources.


  • I will meet with the public at local businesses regularly to hear from citizens and take their concerns back to Council and City Management.
  • I will work with city officials to get answers to questions that are left unanswered.

Money Management

  • I will make decisions that support a fiscally sound budget.
  • I will support the economic redevelopment and revitalization of the city.
  • I will support the review of non-profit funding for efforts that lead to increased employment.

As a longtime citizen of Winchester, I care deeply about creating a better future for our hometown and our families. I’m running for City Council in the fourth ward to make a difference.  I am running to put our community first and always put people over politics.

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Press Release's

Press Release July 2nd 2018

If elected, I Debera Taylor will donate the salary received from serving as a City Council Member to Non-Profits that supplement city resources and support residents to seek and sustain employment. 

Debera wants to support those Non-Profits that support efforts that reduce the overall cost to citizens. Organizations such as CCAP (Congregational Community Action Project) which maintains a food pantry, operates a clothing center, and offers assistance in other areas such as rents, utilities and prescription drugs to citizens in need. 

Literacy Volunteers of Winchester, a non-profit that serves all area residents with a desire to acquire knowledge or learn new skills. In practice, the Literacy Volunteer organization focuses on helping low and moderate income individuals achieve their goals and improve their lives through obtaining their GED, computer skills, employment prepardness and so much more. Fremont Nursery, Winchester Day Preschool and Kids Club of Northern ShenandoahValley; all of which provide quality day care for children which then allows their parents to go to work securely knowing that their children are in a safe environment. 

$9,000.00 dollars is a start in helping those Non-profits and these non-profits meet requirements laid out in the strategicplan approved by City Council that; 

- Encourage sustainable economic growth and partnerships through business and workforce development
- Promote and accelerate revitalization of catalyst sites and other areas throughout the city
- Advance the quality of life for all Winchester residents by increasing cultural, recreational and tourism opportunities; enhance and maintain infrastructure; and promote and improve public safety 
- Improve City services and advance the strategic plan goals by promoting a culture of transparency, efficiency and innovation 

These non-profits save the city citizens money in the long run. If we can educate and uplift people to work we will be more attractive to larger tax paying industries to move to Winchester. 

When you have over 60% of children going to school on free or reduced lunches that says that we need to assistparents to gain employment and hopefully earn a livable wage which in turn will help the city move in the right direction. 

Debera wants to do this because she believes in serving the community, not profiting from it. 

Press Release

June 28th 2018  

Debera Taylor for City Council 4th Ward

Press Release June 28th 2018 Debera Taylor for City Council 4th Ward

Milestones and Accomplishments

A small glimpse to provide you with an idea of how my experiences relate to and how I can contribute to the position of City Councilor, Ward Four.

Human Resource Development– Certified Human Resource Professional for over 15 years

The Human resource role is about people.  Interviewing, hiring, training, coaching, leading, mentoring; even investigating and terminating.  Through all of these experiences I’ve assessed, observed, and worked to understand human interaction, communication effectiveness and have made decisions based on fact. I have conducted investigations, written contracts/agreements/severance documents etc. 

On the administration backend of HR; I have negotiated healthcare benefit packages, assessed 401-K brokers, written policy & procedure (within local and federal law compliance), administered payroll and assessed payroll providers and software solutions to meet a growing business.

Process Improvement– Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Lean is about process, six-sigma is the measurement of the outcomes of the impacted improvements. Improving business process adds value to the bottom line.  The application of Lean thinking doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to cut jobs or headcount.  The application of Lean thinking is about understanding the policies and processes; eliminating unnecessary steps and costs while driving value and results.

As a business professional I think through each decision, determine the options and choose the best solution for the situation.  I am quickly able to understand the root cause by asking the right questions to the right people involved and communicate the outcomes to enhance understanding and commitment. 

A few outcomes:

·  I have negotiated volume purchasing contracts resulting in year-over-year savings of more than $250,000.

·  I have implemented a returns process that has resulted in year-over-year savings of more than $137,500.

·  I have implemented an employee satisfaction and engagement program that contributed to lower turnover savings of over $265,000.

· Negotiated healthcare programs and identified plan design options to allow for less than a 3% increase in healthcare plan costs.

· Maintained headcount and stable payroll dollars during software upgrade and implementation processing and while exceeding 35% growth in shipments and double-digit growth in revenue.

· Identified Lean processes and storage options for an increased inventory holding which lead to an extended leasing option vs. purchasing new property resulting in a savings of over $500,000. 

Education as a lifelong learner:

Virginia Tech, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Strayer University, Master of Adult Education Coursework

Strayer University, Bachelor of Business Administration

Shenandoah University, Professional Human Resource Coursework

Mt. Aloysius College, Associate degree of Science

Greensburg Salem & Altoona High School graduate

Business background:

Vice President Operations, Integrus Holdings, Inc. 

Human Resource Director, Fortesssa Tableware Solutions, LLC

Training Director, Fortessa Tableware Solutions, LLC

Human Resource Director, Mercury Paper Inc.

Human Resource Manager, Henkel Harris Corporation

Human Resource Manager, National Wildlife Federation

Human Resource Regional Development Manager, Sheetz Inc.

Operations Manager, Sheetz Inc.

Community Involvement/Memberships:

Audit Committee Chair & Board member, NW Works Inc.

Treasurer & member, Kiwanis Club of Blue Ridge

Member, Top of Regional Chamber of Commerce

Member, Shenandoah Valley Chapter of APICS

Member, Shenandoah Valley Chapter of Virginia Maritime Association

Member, Society of Human Resource Management

Member, National Association of Foreign Trade Zones

Notary Public, Virginia

I am a wife, mother, sister, friend, volunteer, business professional and dog lover.